20% discount

We are partner of "Golf in South Tyrol". Our guests get a discount of 20% for the greenfee on every golf course in South Tyrol

Eppan Golf Club

"The Blue Monster"
Designed based on the most modern planning methods, the golf course offers perfect conditions for exciting golf experiences in a wonderful location. What is special about this golf paradise is the large number of water areas, which provide a challenge for all golfers. The course is ideal for both, experienced players and golfers with a higher handicap.

Girlanerhof is an official partner of the "The Blue Monster" Golf Club in Appiano.

Schloss Freudenstein Golf Club

The Schloss Freudenstein Golf Club offers a varied course and training programme, which is also suitable for advanced golfers to improve their technique to the highest level. The innovative Schloss Freudenstein Golf Academy provides the new training centre for everyone – whether beginner or pro.

Other golf courses

Not far away from Girlanerhof you can try the golf courses Lana, Petersberg, Sarnonico and Carezza. Each of them features its own specialties, but all of them are surrounded by some splendid nature scenery.