Sun-spoiled wine village

Wine is culture in Girlano

Since the oldest wine village in South Tyrol is located at an altitude of 435 m, thus higher than the neighbouring villages, the sun in Girlano shines longer.
This is of great advantage especially for the numerous wine farmers, who produce noble wines from sun-ripened grapes. For this reason, the village features the highest density of wineries. The many events on the topic of wine, which take place throughout the course of the year, will soon convince you about the importance of wine in Girlano. Part of these events is for example the Cellar Festival, which is organised every four years and gives visitors the opportunity to discover the village with all its wine cellars underground. In October, the end of harvest is celebrated with the last "load of grapes". The last load of grapes is driven to the village square, where the vines are pressed in a traditional wine press. Another event that you should not miss out on, is the Martini Market on the 11th of November. In addition to the celebrations in honour of the church patron, the wine farmers also celebrate the end of harvest on this day. Girlano has lots to offer for pleasure guests and culture lovers, but also for the sporty. The surrounding nature landscape provides perfect conditions for numerous leisure time activities.